Magic mushrooms is naturally occurring plants that have been used for medical effects. In some cases, it has been used for ritual purposes. Scientific reports show that magic mushroom contains schedule control substances called psilocybin and psilocin. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) found out that the ingredient psilocybin can be used for treating resistant depression. Magic mushroom has different names in many countries, such as Shrooms, Mushies, Blue Meanies, Golden Tops, Liberty Caps, and Philosopher. All in all, below are some of its pros. In other words, reasons why someone would prefer to use them.


It Reacts Very Fast

According to some studies performed by several professionals, it has shown that psilocybin is safe and reacts very fast. If administered with a lot of care, it may have a positive value for patients with depression. In the study on magic mushrooms, all the patients who were depressed showed some type of improvement after the first week. This fast-acting behavior of psilocybin mushrooms has become very attractive to people suffering from depression & anxiety. Anti-depressant and therapy sessions may take weeks before patients begin to feel the positives of it. It explains why most patients would prefer it to be the prescribed medication. People want to feel promising results and with immediate effect.


Lasting Results

Further research has shown that relief from depression after consuming magic mushrooms lasted up to a month after only two doses of psilocybin. Sounds impressive, no? A single dose of psilocybin has been tested to lift anxiety and depression in many cancer patients. Patients who don’t take magic mushrooms and opt for antidepressants every single day or attend therapy sessions every week have to do that consistently to attain similar outcomes. If properly studied and its contents harnessed, this drug could perhaps provide an answer to the many depression issues we have.


Sense of Emotional Connection

Over the years, shrooms have helped depressed patients to reconnect with their internal emotions. Moreover, this characteristic has been contrasted with antidepressants, which work through dulling of patient emotions. Patients who use antidepressants have held that it helps reduce low moods but unfortunately blunt their positive moods. Hence, it has left them feeling numb. Psilocybin, the element in magic mushrooms, has been seen to afford many patients the benefits by increasing their rate of processing emotions. Patients have been known to be more willing to accept emotions. They argued that other previous treatments encouraged them to avoid their emotions. Hence, it promotes a sense of disconnection. Emotional acceptance is necessary and is something that every patient with depression would love to embrace.


Lack of Side Effects

Magic mushrooms do not have the side effects of various antidepressant medicines. It may include loss of sexual desire or rather erectile dysfunction and a decrease in orgasm. It may cause dizziness in some cases. However, this raises a lot of questions. Why is it classified as a hallucinogen drug that needs to be taken with care, yet clearly, its results are both positive and self-explanatory? Leaves a lot to wonder about, don’t you think?


Proven to Treat Resistant Depression

Medical researchers have found that patients with treatment-resistant depression have, over time, responded well to psilocybin. Interesting. One of the lead researchers, Doctor Robin, who led one of the psilocybin studies, says that psilocybin reset the brain of the patients to its defaults. Psilocybin, the component in shrooms, could be giving the patients the strength that they need to break out of their depressive states of mind.



As seen, shrooms might have all these pros. However, as much as you are tempted to use them, it is paramount to perform a personal analysis to ensure that the positive effects overweigh the negatives. Eventually, it all goes down to an individual and how it all affects you. Remember, as the magic mushroom has its pros, it has its cons too. For instance, it can bring about behavior patterns in those suffering mental illnesses. When consumed in larger quantities, magic mushrooms can cause nausea and upset stomach. Seek medical help whenever things go out of hand or whenever you need it.

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