An increasing number of athletes are using a few illicit drugs such as Cannabis, LSD, and magic mushrooms to improve their performance. Microdosing advocates say that taking small doses of these substances lessens stress, makes you more creative, and helps you function well in and out of the gym without getting high. Microdosing has no standard medical definition, but it means taking a tenth of a recreational dose. The amount you take is very low such that you cannot feel the psychoactive effects, and you usually continue working. It is tricky to take the right dose. It is easy to take either too much or little. The following are substances, including Psilocybin, athletics are Microdosing and their reasons:

1. Marijuana

Athletics use the drug to improve their sleep and performance. It is legal in Canada and many parts of the US, and the stigma associated with it is low. Experts say that marijuana has a THC component that gives athletics the feeling of being high. It helps the body to relax, promoting a restful night of sleep. Cannabis helps in reducing the inflammation of muscles and joints. The CBD component found in cannabis helps in easing the inflammation. Researchers are now investigating its potential to cure autoimmune conditions such as lupus, Crohn’s disease, and psoriasis. Tropical products are recommended to athletes who want to get CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits without smoking.

Also, cannabis treats muscle spasms linked to diseases such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. It is also useful for enhancing performance in the gym. It can reduce muscle soreness after a workout.


2. Magic Mushrooms

They are used to boost energy, empathy and focus. Many studies use Psilocybin. The research shows that mushrooms can make you more empathetic and open emotionally. Athletes who microdose with psilocybin report higher stamina and power. Its effects on the brain help athletes maintain their focus leading to improved reflexes, concentration and balance. Besides, it enhances cardiovascular endurance enabling the heart to pump the blood needed for stamina while exercising. When you consume Psilocybin, your cognitive flexibility increases, leading to improved divergent and convergent thinking. Some athletics claim that it helps them go into a flow state while exercising. Stress and anxiety can lead to a loss of concentration resulting in poor performance, but Psilocybin acts on serotonin receptors and affects mood by giving a feeling of arousal. Research also shows that it reduces depression.

Therefore, it helps in going off the antidepressants easily and fast. There are over 200 types of magic mushrooms, and consequently, they have varying potency since they have different amounts of active Psilocybin. There are different ways of consuming mushroom. People microdose mushrooms by grinding them into powder form, consuming little quantity, making a tincture, or putting it in a capsule.


3. LSD

It is used for increasing creativity, energy and the overall sense of well-being. Experts say that there is no scientific evidence on the physical benefit of this drug. However, proponents say that Microdosing the psychedelic improves their energy, function, and creativity. If that is true, and athletic can yield, these benefit them in their performance. People microdose with around ten micrograms of LSD. They usually divide 100mcg paper into ten strips dilute one drop of 100mcg with nine drops of water.

Microdosing improves athletic performances in different ways. Their effects are also based on the way they are administered and the amount used. It is crucial to seek consultation from a doctor before Microdosing any substance.


How Microdosing Psilocybin Enhances Performance

Microdosing Psilocybin can have effects on an individuals` physical and athletic capability. It is a drug that has massively had young people on heels in search of physical fitness. It is popular with athletes due to its psychotic effects on proper usage. Athletes can use them to improve their stamina and abilities during their performance. The use of psychedelics helps in increasing reflex time to the speed of lightning. They can improve the body balance to perfection and increase the concentration level.

Most athletes can use the drugs because it can make them impervious to weakness or pain, and in case of an injury, it won`t affect their performance. Psychedelics tend to offer a feeling of heightened adrenaline, which is the classic flight or fight response. Most athletes can perform best with the sensual feeling of being heightened with a series of non-thinking coordination.


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