The era of fungi is not contemporary, because we find its roots back to the classical era. Research has shown that fungi emerged on the surface of the world about 2 billion years ago. We have a diverse collection of fungi on earth; some have the ability to glow in dark, which increases the aesthetics of the relevant area.

The classical fungi had an amazing aspect pertaining to length because; they had a length of about 9 meters from the ground, growing over an area of about 160 hectares. The honey fungus in the area of Oregon has substantial covered area in present times. Many of these fungi or mushrooms, no doubt, have been lethal to us in past but the majority of them like magic mushrooms have been useful to us because of their aspects and results.

Magic Mushrooms is used in the medical environment, or under the supervision of a medical specialist and has found remarkable results pertaining to medicine. It will be a substantial loss for the human race to undermine the aspects and facts about shrooms.

Magic mushrooms have a diverse classification of over 200 species, but are generally categorized into two parts. Both categories have mind-blowing effects that’s why it is called a “magic mushroom”. Both category of the psychedelic fungi have inherent mind alteration phenomenon which assists in helping depression. The most remarkable group produced hallucinogens which uttered as psilocybin and psilocin, which was produced by more than 180 species, in nearly every continent of the world.

Incredible History & Personality Development

The exact history is not known to humans up till now, but research has shown that psilocybin mushrooms were used as a religious custom that had substantial importance at the time of the Spanish conquest. Historians have also encountered many shrooms stones and structures, which have a history of more than 2,000 years. 

A recent study in 2019 articulates that algae can be the classical ancestor of the fungi, and it assisted in moving and transporting various organisms especially unicellular organisms to different and diverse parts of the world, through floating on water. The era we are talking about is nearly 500 million years ago, long before the existence of homo sapiens. The versatile behavior of the fungi to grow and spread on the most inhabited land may be contributed in the enhancement of their amazing and unbelievable cognitive abilities. The hypothetical statements and researches by the ancient and contemporary anthropologist articulated that the size of the brain of home erectus grew at a higher pace and which rendered the size of the brain doubled, between 2 million to 700,000 years ago. Also, the size of the brain of homo sapiens had grown nearly 3 times from 500,000 to 700,000 years ago. The theory purposed by Terrance McKenna in the book “FOOD OF GOD”, argued that ancestors of African people and ours, used to use magic mushrooms for the enhancement of visual effects for the sake of hunting, and magic mushrooms had also helped in increasing the mental abilities of people.

Magic mushrooms had been used as a spiritual and therapeutic tool, for nearly a thousand years which had flabbergasted anthropologists. The documented use of psilocybin in Siberia has also commenced several types of diverse debates pertaining to the history and historical uses. The statues and structures in Central America, Mayan, and Aztec cleared that not only Greeks were engaged in sacred mushrooms to use. The statue and structure were the physical articulation of hallucinogenic mushrooms. They also had a concept of conversation between God and magical mushrooms.

In 1960, a New York reporter and banker uttered about the psilocybin ceremony which was said to have been extinct for thousands of years and this is the recent history of magic mushrooms. This incredible history prompts out not just myths but also some truth and facts, which rendered people to contemplate the prevailing benefits of using magic mushrooms and how they can tackle anxiety and depression. Shrooms have a vast and unexplored history which stresses that magic mushrooms are not like ordinary mushrooms or fungi, but they have some remarkable qualities which are very beneficial for the human race.


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