Magic Mushroom Trip is what is experienced after using cultivated or wild mushrooms containing psilocybin. Psilocybin is a natural hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. Most users of Magic mushroom say they use it to achieve a peaceful high. However, some new and even regular users are known to experience confusion, frightening hallucinations, paranoia, and anxiety. It is important to note every user has their unique response. Hence, every first-time user should adhere to the following precautions for the sake of their safety. Below are the 6 tips for your first magic mushroom trip.


1. Ensure you’re taking the right shrooms and in the right quantity

There are various types of magic mushrooms, some of which are edible, poisonous and others deadly. Unfortunately, they are no credible home test of mushrooms and only a mycologist (mushroom expert) can correctly differentiate. For the psychotropic effect, the golden top species (psilocybesubaeruginosa) is preferred among many others. We offer a large selection of high quality dried shrooms.

Taking the right amount is also a very critical point to note. Before using them, they should be weighed. For the dried magic mushroom, loss of moisture causes them to lose weight. Hence, the dried shrooms are preferred rather than the fresh ones.

For starters of the magic mushroom, they should not exceed 1.5 gram of the dried magic mushroom or 10 gram of the fresh mushroom.


2. Choose a familiar environment

Due to the common effects caused by the magic mushrooms, like lack of coordination, drowsiness, etc., it is important to be in an environment you are familiar with. This will reduce the risk of accidents like tripping off staircases or walking to risky places like the swimming pool.

In a familiar environment, you can be quickly identified and receive help in case of any emergency.


3. Be in the company of a sober friend

A magic mushroom trip is likely to give you an introspective experience accompanied by hallucinations. If alone or in the company of only magic mushroom users, it can be very risky because you can make a wrong judgment or unrealistic decisions like jumping through a window or high wall. Therefore, the company of a sober friend is crucial to guide and control you while high from the magic mushroom effects.

Also, the intake of magic mushroom can cause anxiety. Hence, having someone to reassure you can reduce the fear and help calm you down.


4. Reduce chances of movement

A magic mushroom trip can last several hours. Therefore, it’s important to ensure everything you may need during those hours is within reach. Essential things like water, snacks, food, and mobile phone should be within reach to reduce chances of frequent movement while still under the heavy influence of the magic mushroom.


5. Fast for faster effects and reduced negative effects

Psilocybin is known to be better absorbed in the body on an empty stomach. Starving yourself for 3 hours before intake of the magic mushroom enables the body to absorb it quickly. It also reduces the chances of experiencing some common side effects like nausea and headaches during the initial stages of the trip.


6. Avoid combining mushroom with other drugs

Due to the high hallucinating effect of magic mushrooms, it should not be taken with any other drug, especially alcohol, tobacco or marijuana. This can be very dangerous. Ensure you are well informed of the duration the magic mushroom last in your system before indulging in other drugs.


In Conclusion

There is a first time to everything and for the first timer in magic mushroom intake, it’s important to be alert and prepared for what to expect and deal with during this trip. These will help you not to be overwhelmed by the sudden changes emotionally, physically, and the surrounding.

The effects and experiences differ from one person to another depending on the preparedness, amount taken, and the response of those surrounding you. It may distort your sense of reality, place, time, and cause a lot of hallucinations both visually and auditory. You may feel like you’ve upgraded to another level, which causes you to have introspective experiences. You may experiences anxiety and nervousness, but all this is temporary and will slowly subside as the effects of the magic mushroom subside from your system.

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