Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a whole year’s supply of your own magic mushrooms? You’re probably thinking, “Cool, but how would I keep them from going bad?”

To stop your shrooms from getting all moldy you need to dry them, of course. But you can’t do it by applying excessive heat, otherwise it’ll compromise the potency of your magic mushrooms.

There are several different ways of preserving your psychedelic mushrooms while maintaining the potency of their psychoactive ingredients, but first you have to take them through a process of pre-drying.


The reason mushrooms don’t stay fresh for very long is because of their high moisture content, which is around 95%. Pre-drying them helps you get rid of this excess moisture, and can be done in two simple ways:

Sun-drying them in an area that’s well ventilated. You can place your magic mushrooms next to a window where there’s sunlight streaming in and cover them with a black piece of cloth.

Alternatively, if there’s no sunshine, you can place them next to a fan and blow air on them until they’re dry to the touch.

After you’ve dried them this way, they’ll appear wrinkled and feel rubbery. While in this state, they can be stored for several weeks without going bad. Even though they appear to be quite dry at this point, they can still be holding as much as 10% water. If you’d like them to last even longer, say a year, you have to dehydrate them until they’re cracker dry.

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Different Ways of Drying Shrooms

There are three ways in which you can dry your magic mushrooms for long term storage. These are:

  1. Using a Food Dehydrator
  2. Oven Drying
  3. Using a Desiccant

Food Dehydrator

Using a food dehydrator is by far your best solution for long-terms storage. Food dehydrators are actually low-power convection ovens that use heated air to dehydrate foods like fruits and vegetables which typically have a high water content. Dehydrating your mushrooms for 30 to 48 hours should be enough to get them cracker dry.

Oven Drying

If you can’t access a food dehydrator, an oven can also be used as a substitute. The only problem is if you go over 110 F this can break down psilocybin causing your shrooms to lose their potency. Using a fan assisted oven and setting your temperature at a lower level can help preserve your mushrooms in their proper condition.

Using a Desiccant

Since not everyone has a dehydrator, and an oven isn’t an efficient method of drying shrooms. Using a desiccant can be a cheap and effective way of drying your mushrooms. Desiccants are hygroscopic by nature, meaning they absorb moisture from the atmosphere. There are two types of desiccants you can use to dehydrate your shrooms: silica gel and Epsom salt.

Silica Gel

Silica gel is usually used in industrial packaging and is the most easily available desiccant. You’ll need a wide container, wire mesh, and packs of silica gel (like the ones that come in new shoes) to dry your shrooms. Ideally, using 1 gram of silica gel for each gram of magic mushrooms should work.

After you’ve pre-dried the mushrooms, put them inside the plastic container. Place the wire mesh, bent in the shape of a platform, between the mushrooms and silica gel. The mesh is meant to prevent the silica gel from coming into contact with the magic mushrooms so as not to contaminate them.

Cover the container, ensuring it’s air tight and keep it in a dry place. Inspect the mushrooms every two or so days until they’re cracker dry, meaning they snap when bent.

Use a Ziploc bag to vacuum seal your mushrooms. Dried this way, magic mushrooms can be preserved for up to three years.

Epsom Salt

If you’re not comfortable using silica gel, try making the desiccant yourself using Epsom Salt from your local pharmacy. Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate which absorbs water from the atmosphere up to the point of saturation. Placing your mushrooms next to Epsom salt draws all the water from them.

Apart from Magnesium Sulfate, you will also need a baking tray, hammer, mesh wire, a wide metal container and an oven for drying the Epsom salt.

  • Start by placing the Epsom salt in the container as the bottom layer and spread the salt evenly to a depth of about 1 cm.
  • Pre-heat your oven to around 480 0 F then put the Epsom salt inside for 2 hours. This step is meant to dry the salt completely.
  • Remove the container from the oven. Break up any big pieces of Epsom salt with a hammer then cover the desiccant with a layer of paper towels.
  • Bend the wire mesh to form the shape of a platform. Place it in the container over the Epsom salt to prevent it from coming into contact with the mushrooms.
  • Place your pre-dried shrooms on top of the wire mesh and cover the container tightly. Do this as fast as you can to prevent the desiccant from absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Keeping the container air tight maximizes the moisture that’s absorbed by the salts from the mushrooms.
  • The desiccant will absorb any remaining moisture from your shrooms.
  • Once the shrooms are cracker dry seal them in a Ziploc bag for long-term storage.

Using Freon

Although less conventional, Freon can also be used to preserve magic mushrooms.

The advantage with Freon is it doesn’t react with the mushrooms and it also stops psilocybin from breaking down. Using Freon is also faster than the methods explained above.

You’ll need Ziploc bags, an oven, and a Freon-based dust removal product like a canister of Vari-Air.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Pre-heat your oven at around 1000 F and place your pre-dried mushrooms for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Put your cracker-dried magic mushrooms inside a Ziploc bag.
  3. Flatten out the bag.
  4. Blast the Ziploc bag with Freon until it is 75% inflated
  5. Press out the Freon gas
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at least two times.
  7. Seal the Ziploc bag completely

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