It’s probably not one of those things you think about a lot, but the time you choose for tripping on magic mushrooms can affect the final outcome of your psychedelic experience. So is it all in your head, or is picking night over daytime (or vice versa) more conducive for an awesome tripping experience?

Your Personality May, Among Other Factors, Affect Your Trip

Before we get into the pros and cons of tripping on shrooms during the day or night, let’s agree that how you enjoy your psychedelic experience depends a lot on your personality, sleeping habits, and the other factors such as your work/ life balance or the kind of recreational activities you get into.

For example, morning birds generally have more drive in the morning and tend to go to sleep early, while night owls are most productive in the evening and tend to turn in late. As a night owl, you’re more likely to enjoy your psilocybin dose more in the evening, when you’re in a better mind frame, while a morning person will find they get better results tripping on shrooms during the day.

Your reasons for tripping will also affect what time you choose to trip as well as the level of satisfaction you get from the experience. For example, if you enjoy visual effects more than deep reflection during a trip then you’d probably prefer taking your shrooms during the day when there’s a lot more to see. If you prefer deep reflection, alone and uninterrupted, you may want to trip at night when there’s less chances of getting disrupted.

The kind of magic mushrooms dosage you take, i.e. micro versus minidose, can alter the hours you choose to trip. Anecdotal evidence shows that a lot of people who microdose do it during the day so they can enjoy the creative boost it gives them while they’re actively working. At we advise that you take mushrooms in the day time when microdosing to avoid sleep disruption at night.

The Pros and Cons Of Tripping During The Day Vs Night

Day tripping

A lot of people, especially newbies, prefer tripping on magic mushrooms during the day because they think it reduces the risk of having a bad trip. That could be something to do with having anxiety attacks caused by darkness. Whether this fear has any basis is a matter of conjecture.

The Pros

  • More light means better visuals, so you’ll enjoy seeing a lot more colors during the day. If you’ve ever taken a good look at grass while high on shrooms you can get the impression that the green color is just about to burst out of the blades.
  • Day tripping gives you more options in the kind of activities you can undertake. For instance, you can get high while enjoying participating in nature walks or visiting an art gallery.
  • Some folks like to watch the sunrise while getting high on shrooms.
  • Things move faster and everything is much livelier during the day, meaning you get to interact a lot more with your immediate environment and even people if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Cons

  • Going out to the streets while high could be less safe because of traffic.
  • Some people believe that when the sun’s too bright it interferes with the kind of visuals they get.

Night tripping

Psychonauts who trip on shrooms at night say it creates a completely different, mysterious, almost alien world than the one we’re used to.


  • If you like star gazing, laying on the grass as you look up to the stars is a truly amazing experience.
  • There’s less hassle and bustle in the city at night giving you a chance to enjoy a more spiritual trip.
  • You’ll enjoy light shows and fireworks more at night while tripping.
  • Some trippers prefer the cool night weather compared to the stifling summer heat.
  • If you enjoy taking evening strolls while high on shrooms then night tripping is definitely for you. You could even explore weird places like industrial complexes if that sort of thing gives you a kick.
  • You can enjoy amazing experiences like sunsets or twilight more when you trip at night.


  • At night, the colors may not be as rich or as lively as during the day.
  • Walking around exploring stuff in the evening while high may not be all that safe especially in deserted parks or in the woods.
  • Some people get anxiety attacks when they trip at night.



Whatever time of the day you may choose to take shrooms, remember set and setting matter a lot. It’s always good to be prepared mentally especially if you intend to go on a full trip. That way you won’t have to experience panic attacks and bad trips that seem to go on forever.  


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